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Key Features for Using Immersion Parts Washer in Food Manufacturing

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

One of the key elements in the food, dairy, alcohol, pharmaceutical, and other manufacturing industries is extreme hygiene, and ensuring that vessels, pipes, and other items used in the manufacturing process are kept 100% clean. Since most of the equipment used in these processes, like containers, and internal machinery that comes in contact with the product are made from high-grade stainless steel, one major problem is sorted out. But after the process is complete, the rest of the system needs a thorough cleaning, and this is where the COP or Clean Out Place wash tanks are needed.

Keeping the workplace in food, pharmaceutical, dairy or other manufacturing units scrupulously clean is of vital. To help sanitize the equipment, specialist companies use COP tank immersion parts washer which is designed to provide a safe and hygienic alternative to manual cleaning. These COP tanks come in a variety of sizes or can be made to specification; they come with casters for easy mobility and sanitary jet outlets, circulation motors, and switches. Through the use of these stainless steel tanks, the manufacturer ensures that the machinery parts which come into contact with the product is properly and thoroughly cleansed and are free from any contaminants that may adhere to the parts during the manufacturing process.

The immersion agitators and high-pressure cleaners in the tanks work by providing high pressure continuous agitation, while the manifold jets blast away any leftover residue from the many hoses and pipes and other inaccessible parts of the machinery. The agitating immersion parts washer in the Clean Out Place tanks use special aqueous cleansing solutions to help with the cleaning process; this along with the vigorous mixing and vibrating action ensures that all exposed surfaces are spotlessly cleaned. The washing machinery uses paddles or impellers which provide the vigorous vibration, which causes the creation of tiny bubbles in the aqueous cleaning solution. The bubbles implode under high pressure against the machinery parts, cleaning them out during the process.

In most manufacturing units, there is some debris left behind in the machinery which may consist of metal chips, dirt, oil, and sometimes grease; these are harmful products could severely affect the sanctity of the product being manufactured, and needs to be removed completely and effectively. The action of the agitating parts immersion washer helps move and mix the cleaning solution thoroughly through a vigorous swirling action ensuring the complete and effective removal of impurities, while reducing the time required for the cleaning process. The agitating parts washers are very effective because they clean out dirt and grime from hard to reach places without the use of any kind of metallic equipment, which could potentially damage or scratch the surface of the tank.

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