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Batch Pasteurization Equipment

We offer various batch pasteurizers in many design types and sizes. These different styles of batch pasteurization equipment are sometimes referred to as vat pasteurizers, milk pasteurization machines, cook tanks, or processors. Simply put, these are all considered as stainless steel jacketed vessels. When used with a boiler and chilling system, batch pasteurization vats can be used to heat and cool almost any food, dairy, beverage, or chemical product. However, our customers commonly use our batch pasteurizers within the dairy industry, mainly for milk pasteurization. Continue browsing our site to learn more about our pasteurization equipment or feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the batch pasteurizer products.

The dome top design starts at 200 gallons. It is a good choice for larger batch sizes and a cost effective alternative to an HTST system. This type of tank is ideal when little access is needed before or after the pasteurization process. It is also a design that works well with a Clean-in-Place CIP systems.

This design is ideal for artisan dairy producers, because it allows for small batch cheeses and experimentation with new recipes without a large scale commitment. Offered in 50 to 300 gallon sizes with removable lids and a swing agitator which allows for full access to the vat during the cheese making process. 

 A favorite of yogurt and ice cream producers because the tank is   designed  with a center bridge and removable lids. This allows for access to observe or add additional ingredients to your product. Tank sizes range from 50 to 2000 gallons. Larger sizes available upon request.

Legal Milk Pasteurization Equipment

Pasteurization is a process of heat treating raw milk to a specific temperature and time to eliminate certain harmful pathogens. The following pasteurizing accessories are required by the FDA and Pasteurizing Milk Ordinance (PMO) guidelines to ensure legal pasteurization and product safety. 

Anderson-Negele Chart Recorder and Digital Temperature Probes

Digital Temperature Probes

The product and airspace thermometers relay time and temperatures to the AJ 311 chart recorder during pasteurization which guarantees each batch of milk has been heated and held for the appropriate time and temperature given by the Pasteurizing Milk Ordinance (PMO).     Anderson-Negele Website           

Price: $4,900.00 (includes product and airspace thermometer and chart recorder)

Anco Electric Airspace Heater & NEMA4 Controller


This heater consists of a stainless steel heating element that connects to the lid of the vat pasteurizer by a 3" Tri-clamp. The rheostat with the aid of small stainless blades are welded to the top of the agitator shaft heat will then move and control the air in the head-space of the pasteurized milk to obtain the additional 5+ degrees above the required pasteurization temperature. ​Heater Specs: 3,000 Watt, Single Phase 220V, 15 Amp Element & Controller.

Large Heater: $2,200.00    Duel Element Heater: $3,500

PMO Leak Detection Valve


This stainless steel plug valve is specifically designed to prevent raw milk from being circulated back in to the pasteurized batch of milk. This valve is required for all legal batch pasteurization and includes a food-grade gasket and Petro-Gel lubricant.  
​2.0" Valve with 4.25" Center to Center Bolt Pattern

Price: $2,200.00 (discounted $200 when purchased with an Anco pasteurizer)

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