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Commercial Cheese Vats

An essential product for any successful cheese making process, cheese vats are typically used in the next stage after the milk has initially been pasteurized. Anco Equipment designs vats that are simple to install, easy to maintain and clean with their open top design, and easy to use whenever you’re making cheese. Our cheese vats are fully customizable; you can choose the vat’s gallon capacity, dimensions of the vat itself, and the features included with your product. We do this so that our cheese vats will fit in seamlessly with your cheese making operation. Alongside your cheese vats, we also provide different cheese-making accessories to help you along the way. These products include curd milling machines, vat whey screens, and curd knives. If you have any questions about our products, feel free to contact us. 

Anco_Cheese-Vat_ 4WBG.jpg

This square vat design is ideal for producing 2,500 lbs or more of cheese product. These vats are perfect for making raw milk cheese or when milk is pasteurized separately. Anco cheese vats have a variety of design options at affordable pricing. 

open top combo pasteurizer

This design is ideal for artisan dairy producers, small batch cheeses and product testing. Offered in 50-250 gallon sizes with removable lids and a swing agitator for full access to the vat during the cheese making process. 

Cheese-Making Accessories 


Curd Milling Machine

Curd mills are used , in cheddar cheese production, to mill the cheddar slabs into smaller cheese curds before the salting and hooping process. 

  • Easy cleaning with all stainless steel parts

  • Standard cut sizes of 1/2", 5/8" or 3/4" 

  • Heavy duty casters for easy mobility

  • Currently Lead Time: 4 weeks

Price: $21,000.00


Stainless Steel Vat Whey Screen

This screen is used during the draining stage of the cheese-making process. The perforated stainless screen allows the whey to drain while leaving the curd in the vat. The height of the whey screen is customizable to the cheese vat for a perfect fit.

Price: $1,950.00


Set of Stainless Steel Curd Knives/Harps

Each set of curd knives include one vertical cut and one horizontal cut cheese harp. The size of cut will also vary, according to the type of cheese. The cost of each knife set will be determined by vary frame and cut size. See the curd knife pricing in the printable quote on the open cheese vat page. 

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