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Pulaski WI 54162

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Shop our Process Tanks and Cheese-Making Equipment

Anco Equipment specializes of cheese-making, milk pasteurization, storage and sanitation equipment for the artisans to medium-size production levels.  We provide custom sanitary stainless equipment like vat batch pasteurizers, cheese vats, bulk milk tanks, butter churns, process tanks, cheese presses, storage silos and COP tanks. We pride ourselves on quality equipment, affordable prices and quick turn around times.  Feel free to browse through our stainless steel equipment or shop by industry.

Batch Pasteurizer
Dome/Conical Top Design
Batch Pasteurizer
Open Top Design-Pasteurizing Cheese Vat
Batch Pasteurizer
Wing Top Design
Bulk Milk Tank
Butter Churn
100-1000 Gallon Sizes
Cheese Vat
Rectangular Open Design
Cheese Press
1 to 10-Head Press Sizes
COP Tank
Clean out-of Place Immersion Sinks
Process Tank
50-2,500 Gallons
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