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On-the-Farm Milk Plants and Dairy Processing Rooms. 

Have you thought about selling your milk products directly to the public? Now you can! Anco Equipment has joined Don's Dairy Supplycreators of on-the-farm processing containers to bring you plug and plumb in ready units.

Containers Option:

  • Container Sizes are 20', 40', and 45' Lengths
  • Both the equipment and building are built to PMO Guidelines
  • Equipment comes to you piped and installed
  • Construction, plumbing & electrical requirements will meet building codes
  • Unit is portable, therefore will not be taxed as a new building
  • Low maintenance, simple to use equipment
  • Learn more with of the Don's Dairy Container Brochure

What you need to know before getting a quote.

1. What product(s) do you plan to make? Example: Bottled milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, butter, etc. 

2. How many gallons of milk will you be processing at one time?

3. Additional things to consider are found in the Creamery Planning Guide


Don's Dairy Supply will price the container, utility requirements, and coordinate equipment required with Anco Equipment. If interested in an All-in-One Dairy Processing Unit please contact:

Brooke White

Don's Dairy Supply

Phone: (607) 538-9464

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