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Buying the best Clean-out-of-Place Parts Washer that fits your needs

When you approach your stainless steel equipment supplier to buy products for your business, make sure to ask for Clean out-of-place (COP) Wash Tanks as well. Indeed, stainless steel tanks offer multiple advantages for the manufacturing of dairy products. Alongside, a clean out-of-place parts washer is equally essential due to its automatic cleaning mechanism. Let’s know more about it.

Clean out of Place (COP) Wash Tanks

A cleanout of place parts washer is a perfect alternative to manual cleaning of the stainless steel equipment for several reasons:

·         Ensure thorough cleaning

·         Make the equipment contaminants-free

·         Washes the equipment through the combination of agitation and jets

·         Quicker and better than cleaning just by hand

·         Can cover almost any job type through multiple tank sizes

·         Availability of customized COP wash tanks

Multiple options for COP wash tanks

When looking out for Clean out of place parts washer, you need to know about your requirements first. Once confirmed, you can discuss your stainless steel equipment supplier about the same so that you can get the best.

If you struggle to look out for the best supplier, you can connect with Anco Equipment, the ultimate supplier of stainless steel equipment. Here are various clean, out-of-place parts washer options that it has to offer at your disposal. Custom sizes are also available.

·         4 ft Immersion COP Tank: Capacity - 104 gallons, Dimension-  48'L x 24"W x 21"D

·         6 ft Immersion COP Tank: Capacity - 157 gallons, Dimension-  72'L x 24"W x 21"D

·         8 ft Standard COP Tank: Capacity: 209 gallons, Dimension-  96"L x 24"W x 21"D

·         10 ft Standard COP Tank: Capacity: 261 gallons, Dimension- 120"L x 24"W x 21"D

·         12 ft Standard COP Tank: Capacity: 314 gallons, Dimension- 144" L x 24"W x 21"D

To know more about the type of stainless steel used in each of these Clean out of place parts washer types, capacity of motor starter switch, and other features, you can always visit the official website of The renowned stainless steel equipment supplier will make sure to provide you with the best deals at the most cost-effective rates.

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