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What is an agitating Immersion Parts Washer?

Updated: May 4, 2020

The food industry thrives on several variants that contribute to its quality and hygiene standards. The Agitating Immersion Parts Washer is an equipment that helps make the processes involved easier, quicker and more hygienic. This equipment functions by using mechanical energy to clean submerged parts. The washers are immersion cleaning systems where the parts to be cleaned are initially submerged in an aqueous solution. Mechanical energy is then used to create a vibrating and mixing action in order to clean the surface of the parts.

How does this Process Work?

The vibrating action by pump paddles or impellers causes cavitation leading to the formation and implosion of tiny bubbles in the liquid solution. The solution and cleansing action of the washer reaches the crevices of the smallest parts. Thus, it provides a thorough coating and cleaning of these parts and products. The propeller in the washer creates a motion that is accompanied by high pressure of spray blasts of water. This process is specially designed for parts that have blind holes or intricate passages. This intricate process of cleaning is one of the main reasons for the popularity of the Agitating Immersion Parts Washer.

Adjustable Settings and Controls

One can find a manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic Agitating Immersion Parts Washer in the market. It has adjustable settings for water temperature, speed, agitation and cycle time. These washers usually have large holding tanks to submerge the large cleaning parts in the aqueous solution. Agitation washers contain high pressure pumps and air cylinders. Some of the models have a dryer system that is powered by gas, steam heat or electricity. The casing is made of steel or stainless steel providing better cleaning. Higher energy per wash implies a rapid cleansing time for the parts. Most of the washers have a top load with a removable lid. To avoid any splashes, there are separate speed controls. The oscillating effect created by the paddles can be controlled by the stroke speed. The mechanical energy is sometimes combined with ultrasonic technology to help clean surfaces that are hard to clean.

Used in a Variety of Industries

Apart from the food industry, the Agitating Immersion Parts Washer is also used in other major industries such as the medical, aerospace, automotive and electronics industries worldwide. They rely on this technology as it helps in cleansing oil, chips, dirt, coolant and grease effectively. These washers are the best solution to clean hard to clean surfaces like grime and reach the most intricate areas. The process does not involve any action that would scratch or destroy the surface of the parts. Thus, these washers are preferred for cleaning processes in almost all major industries.

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