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High-Quality Stainless Steel Products Make an Impact on the Food & Dairy Industries

Updated: May 14, 2020

The journey that milk makes from the animal to supermarket shelves and to the home is very complicated to comprehend. This is especially true in the modern world, with countries shutting down borders to prevent the spread of infection/viruses from one person to another. The milk takes a long journey, and every part of that journey is monitored to ensure that the product reaches the factory in pristine condition. One way to ensure this is to check that the milk tanks, hoses, and pipes of vehicles transporting the milk is constructed from food-grade stainless steel that meets industry standards.

Dairy processing equipment used in the manufacture of milk and associated products include milk pasteurizers of different sizes, cook tanks, and vat pasteurizers to name a few. One of the requirements of this equipment is their manufacture from food-quality grade stainless steel, especially pipes and hoses which are connected to boilers, heating systems, and/or chilling units. Stainless steel units have the capability to heat and cool different dairy products, beverages, and other products quite easily. While there is much use of these products in the food processing industry, their maximum use has also been in the dairy processing industry, starting with the pasteurization of milk and milk-related products. Dairy processing units come in various sizes to suit big, medium, and small dairies, and their role in the milk industry is immeasurable.

One of the reasons why food-quality stainless steel dairy tanks is used predominantly in the dairy in food processing equipment is that this kind of stainless steel is rust resistant; they can be used in many ways, as stainless steel has the combination of strength, corrosion resistance, as well as a high melting point making it the perfect material to use for tubes and pipes in the food and dairy industry. Because of the constant checks and inspections carried out by food safety personnel in the United States, all food and dairy industries use stainless steel tanks, churns, vats, presses, etc., which also ensures that they remain in good working condition for many years.

All kinds of food processing equipment would benefit from the hygienic qualities of high quality stainless steel in the manufacture of the tanks, pipes, and other equipment used in the factory. Besides the obvious durability and hygiene benefits, food quality stainless steel has additional qualities like strength, aesthetics and is the best choice in tools and other applications which play an important role in the food and dairy industries. The chrome and iron alloys in stainless steel gives it a pleasant shiny surface which is easy to clean, and being corrosion resistant, it has the added advantage of looing as good as new, even after years of service.

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