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How stainless steel mixing tanks bring value to the dairy industry?

As a dairy producer, I think there are specific equipment that cannot be excluded from the dairy industry. Mixing tanks fall in the category of indispensable equipment. The stainless version is even more essential because they are corrosion-resistant and they keep the milk odor-free. They can be easily fabricated in any shape.

Making the milk more drinkable

Mixing Tanks

In raw milk, there are fat globules, which can affect the flavor of the milk. The more uniformly these globules are disbursed, the better tasting the milk. Emulsifying the fat globules also gives the milk a better shelf life. A stainless mixing tank can be used for the purpose of homogenization. After the heat treatment of the milk know as pasteurization, the milk is homogenized and cooled down.

Storage of milk

A stainless steel storage silo is technically not a mixing tank per se; but does have an agitator, which is there in mixing tanks. The agitator prevents the formation of cream on top of the milk when it is stored for an extended period of time.

Industrial mixing

High-impact mixers and conical screw mixers are some specialized mixing equipment used commercially for blending. A conical screw mixer is a specialized piece of equipment used for blending and mixing various dairy products.


A high-pressure pilot homogenizer is used in the dairy industry for emulsification. Emulsifiers are needed in the dairy industry for making products like margarine and ice cream.


A stainless mixing tank is an indispensable piece of equipment for the dairy industry for blending and homogenization. They are needed to make milk fit for drinking. Stainless steel storage silo with an agitator is used to prevent any formation of cream.


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