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Multiple Uses of Stainless Steel Equipment in Food & Beverage Industries

Today, more than ever, the concept of cleanliness in everything that is done at a personal level is heightened by the problems of the spread of infection. This fear is multiplied a thousand folds when it comes to the food and dairy industry, where precautions have been in place from a very long time. One of the many ways that the dairy industry uses to maintain the high standard in production is to use stainless steel in most of their piping system, tanks, and processing equipment.

Some of the equipment used by dairy manufacturers and other associated products are varying sizes of milk pasteurizers, vat pasteurizers, cook tanks,  etc. All these equipment are manufactured from food-quality grade stainless steel, which is the industry standard. A stainless mixing tank is manufactured to have the property to heat and cool various dairy products easily, without any degradation of the steel. Another important reason for the use of this type of stainless steel is that stainless steel is rust-resistant and possesses the perfect combination of corrosion resistance, high tensile strength and a high melting point; this makes it the perfect material for the use of various piping and tubes in the dairy and the beverage industry.

The United States Department of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) maintain constant checks and surprise inspections by their food safety personnel to ensure that all the equipment used in the industry meet the high quality and standard prescribed. This is why all dairy and food industries insist on the use of food quality stainless steel mixing tanks, vats, churns, presses, etc. These regular checks also ensure that the equipment used remains safe and in good working condition for many years. It should be noted that hygiene plays a very important part in the manufacture and production of dairy products as well as in the pharmaceutical industry, beverage and filtered clean drinking water.

One of the many qualities that make stainless steel the best metal in the use of these industries is that the different compounds used in the manufacture cannot react with what is stored or made inside the stainless mixing tank or container. This metal alloy is called stainless steel because it does not stain easily, and it does not rust or corrode when compared to other metals. The chromium content in the steel ensures this because it creates a barrier of chromium oxide, keeping it protected from corrosion and rust. Given that hygiene is of the highest importance in this industry, using products made of metals that are quickly prone to corrosion means the manufacturer will have to constantly monitor and replace the equipment regularly, making it a very costly and time-consuming affair.

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