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How do you keep your stainless steel equipment clean?

Keeping dairy equipment like silos, vats, and stainless steel cheese presses clean is necessary to prevent the build-up of microbes on the surface. It is also necessary to prevent corrosion and damage. In this blog, we will know the ways in which to keep the stainless steel equipment clean.

Rinse thoroughly

After every use, do a quick hot water rinse to flush out any leftover residue from the stainless steel surface. This prevents particle build-up that is harder to remove later. Rinsing also stops the growth of bacteria and mold. Rinsing milk or cream contact equipment with a highly concentrated acid-based cleaner suitable and approved for use in dairies also helps remove fatty residues. The function of rinsing and cleaning the components can be performed by an agitating immersion parts washer.

Sanitize thoroughly

One can disinfect dairy equipment using chemicals or just hot water. Rinsing the equipment with hot water may not be sufficient. This does not kill all harmful microbes that can contaminate dairy products. Approved disinfectants can be used to eliminate all harmful microbes.

Prevent corrosion

Using a professional-strength cleaner will not harm the stainless steel equipment or storage tanks. Acidic cleaners like vinegar can damage the protective chrome oxide layer and cause corrosion over time. Rinse off cleaners thoroughly and wipe equipment fully dry.

Mark out the hard-to-reach areas

Pay extra attention to nooks, crannies, corners, welded joints and threads when cleaning stainless steel equipment. These areas easily collect soil. Use bottle brushes, pipe cleaners and specialty brushes to meticulously clean hidden surfaces and tight spots.

Consider ultrasonic cleaning

For stainless steel cheese presses or any dairy processing equipment, using an ultrasonic parts washer with approved cleaning solutions blasts away dried-on grime. The energized solution penetrates every crevice. With its longevity and reliability, stainless steel is ideal for the demanding dairy environment. However, incorporating best practices for cleaning and care is essential to maintain the pristine, hygienic surface dairy operations require.


Thorough cleaning of dairy equipment like stainless steel cheese presses are a must to keep your dairy products safe from human consumption. An agitating immersion parts washer can be used for smaller equipment parts because it aids in rinsing the dairy residue left on the surface.

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