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Essentials Features of an Immersion Parts Washer

In the food and dairy industries, it is essential to maintain high standards of sanitary practices. Food producers and their employees should therefore make sure that all the vessels, pipes, and other items used in the food and dairy process are well cleaned and sanitized between every use. This is perhaps the reason why most of the utensils used for cheese production include high-grade stainless steel in their manufacturing. During the production, when a machine encounters the dairy product, it becomes dirty. Hence, after the completion of the process, the system needs to be deep cleaned. This is where the need for immersion parts washer tanks become very useful.

Here are some of the essential features of an Immersion Parts washer.

1. Stainless Steel COP Tank

Cheese vats, pasteurizers, cheese presses and moulds are the foundation of your cheese-making business. Keeping the cheese processing machine(s) clean will maintain their longevity. It also leaves the cheese production rate left unaffected. The stainless immersion tanks are durable and very versatile for your specific needs.

2. High Power Pump

A circulation pump is used for in-tank fluid agitation. This pump, paired with sanitary jet manifolds adds turbulence to the washing tank, which further provides enough pressure required to remove food particles on the parts and utensils.

3. Stainless Cover

Hinge cover lid will help maintain the heat of the water. The lift-assist cylinders make lifting the cover a breeze and is a nice safety feature as well.

4. Electric Heater or Steam Sparger

Along with agitation, heat is another essential feature for cleaning and sanitizing. Steam connections or electric heat units are also available.

5. Custom Platform

It aids in loading and unloading parts. Present with an immersion parts washer, which makes the work easier as little manual effort is required. With the help of this large container can be loaded and unloaded.

6. Temperature Recording Device

Sometime it is necessary to record the temperature of the cleaning solution during the cleaning process. Using the right cleaning solution can eliminate the greasiness that occurs in cheese production, thus preventing any spoilage to the product.

7. Small Parts Basket

It helps to wash small and complex parts of the machine easily in the immersion parts washer.

All these features of the immersion parts washer make it a must-have at your place if you are into cheese production or any similar business. You can get the best of these machines from Anco Equipment.

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