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Different Types of Food Processing Equipment: Functions and Importance

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Food processing refers to the method of converting raw materials into edibles in a way that humans and animals can consume them easily. In the run, businesses operating in this domain use a wide variety of food processing equipment. Such equipment is crucial to execute necessary operations during a production cycle effectively.

Mentioned below are different types of food processing equipment that are useful in different situations.

Commercial Butter Churns

Stainless steel butter churns work efficiently in turning cream to butter. Historically, butter churns were large containers usually made of wood where butter was made by turning the staff inserted in from the top in a vertical motion. However, modern-day churns made of stainless steel come with features that make it easy to manufacture butter on a commercial scale.

Cheese Presses

Anco equipment offers numerous products that aid in the cheese-making process. The stainless steel cheese presses consist of the pneumatic driven control that comes as a standard feature. Additionally, their sizes may range from a single cylinder to around ten cylinders so you can manage your cheese-making operation as efficient as possible. Moreover, if you can’t find the ideal size, you can order it to be custom built to fit your needs.

Commercial Cheese Vats

The crucial dairy processing equipment finds its use in the stage where the milk has already been pasteurized. The stainless steel vats manufactured by Anco equipment are easy to install and maintain. Depending on the amount of cheese you plan on producing, the vats are easy to customize. You can even choose the vat’s gallon capacity as well as the features to be included.

Processing Tanks

Anco equipment designs its stainless steel process and mix tank while keeping in mind the need for various industries including dairy, food, chemicals, beverage and cosmetics. Constructed with 304 Stainless Steel, they are resistant against corrosion and will last for a really long time.

With these and several other food processing equipment available at affordable cost, Anco equipment has set a high standard for itself. You can also opt for its equipment to add pace to your food or dairy processing business.

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