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Buy Quality Stainless Steel Cheese Presses and Tanks from Anco Equipment

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Anco Equipment is a popular online source for buying stainless steel tanks and processing equipment. The company holds a trustworthy reputation in the industry for the quality, durability, and rich functionality it provides in its products. Examples of these are stainless steel mixing tank and cheese presses. Capable of clearing any inspection, these products are becoming the most sought after by organizations in varied industries. Let’s talk about these two products in detail, right here:

Stainless Steel Mixing Tank

Stainless steel holds widespread demand for its relative ease of use, flexibility, and the ability to prevent corrosion. It is the ideal substance for storing food-related products. Besides, stainless steel also owns the ability to resist extremely high temperatures. Hence, you can expect a stainless steel mixing tank from this trusted company.

These steel custom-built tanks are usually cylindrical or drum-like shaped and they are more comfortable to use when compared to other shapes of the cylinders/drums. They may range from a relatively small to industrial-size tanks that have the capacity to hold thousands of gallons. The orientation of the tanks can be either vertical or horizontal, depending on the properties of the substance being stored. Like a stainless steel mixing tank, process tanks also find rigorous use in assorted industries like dairy, food, chemicals, cosmetics, and beverage. Covered with a dimple plate jacket, the process tanks perform the cooling and heating functions well when paired with hot water or steam boiler systems.

Stainless Steel Cheese Presses

If you are a cheese producer, Anco Equipment offers a variety of stainless steel cheese presses to help in your cheese-making process. This equipment consists of pneumatic driven controls and available in varied sizes – single to ten cylinders. Hence, this machine can handle even the biggest of your cheese making operations with ease. Mostly, these products are custom-built to accommodate maximum forms of cheese along with table presses and plates, designed specifically to fit cheese molds. You can order stainless steel cheese presses from among the multiple options available at an affordable cost.

Some Highly Demanded Stainless Steel Products

Be it to buy stainless steel cheese presses, mix tank, or process tank, the company provides all of them with the most sophisticated functionality and designs. Here is a list of varied products from this company that hold widespread demand in various industries:

  • Vertical A-Frame Cheese Presses available with Single head, 2-Head, 4-Head, 6-Head, 8-Head, and 10-Heads.

  • ANCO Stainless Steel Process Tanks with a capacity range of 50 Gallon to 3,000 Gallons.

  • Anco Equipment delivers the best quality money can buy in the stainless steel product manufacturing industry.

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