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Why Is Stainless Mixing Tank Vital For The Dairy Industry?

While there are sanitary vessels designed for storing, cooking, holding, pasteurizing, and cleaning, stainless mixing tank is used with the sole purpose of mixing the liquids in the most convenient and efficient manner.

Using sanitized equipment in dairy processing is of utmost importance. Therefore, all the dairy processing machinery is made of stainless steel to prevent any contamination, such as bacterial or fungal growth. Stainless steel does not degrade the quality of the consumables. In addition, they ensure that the equipment is corrosion-free.

The tanks manufactured at Anco Equipment are in high demand in various industries such as pharmaceutical, food processing, and beverages. But, it is essential in dairy processing as homogeneous mixing is required. To make the final product perfect quality-wise, an ideal consistency has to be achieved in dairy processing. The industrial process involved in this is homogenization. The dairy industry uses these tanks for this purpose.

What makes stainless mixing tanks indispensable in the dairy industry is that they can help in making the end-product more nutritious and healthy. As part of the production process in the dairy industry, vitamin and mineral fortification, milk solids content control, salt and sugar dissolution, emulsification, etcetera is needed. Therefore, an equipment that achieves this task efficiently is in high demand in the dairy industry.

Mixing tanks by Anco Equipment are available in different sizes, and they can also be customized in different configurations according to the requirements of the dairy industry. They can be operated on different voltages.

What adds to the utility of the Stainless mixing tanks is that they also have multiple uses in the dairy industry. Butter churning can be done using these tanks.

Dairy processing machinery manufacturer, Anco Equipment is confident that these tanks will be an asset to the dairy industry.

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