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What are the processing equipment needed for the dairy industry?

A number of processing equipment are required for the dairy industry. This equipment serves the purpose of making the task easier for the users. They can be customized according to the requirement of the manufacturer. They are also capable of scaling up production when required. In this blog, we will learn about a few processing equipment pieces that are used in the dairy industry for the production of dairy products.

Commercial Butter Churns

Butter machines are used to make butter and buttermilk out of cream. They are very useful for on the farm dairy producers, as well as large-scale dairy manufacturers. They can be a great way to utilize the left-over milk, thereby reducing the spoilage. They are capable of producing 4% butter from milk. Butter churn machines are automated with PLC or VSD control. Manufacturers who do not want manually controlled butter machines can opt for the automated version.

Cream Separators

While commercial butter churns are used to produce butter, cream separators help in reducing the fat content of milk. They are used to turn full-fat milk into skimmed milk or low-fat milk.

Stainless steel cheese vats

Cheese vats are essential equipment that is used in cheese making. They can affect the quality of cheese produced. They are equipped with a agitation with paddles to ensure a proper distribution in product ingredients. While the cheese vat must be cleaned in place, a COP parts washer will be required for the vat detachable accessories.


Depending to the product being produced, breaking down the fat globules in the milk may be required to make the milk consistent. When bottling milk for example, consumers prefer milk with a better texture and no cream separation, homogenizers will do just that and that is why the are required in the dairy industry. They also serve the purpose of adding flavors or fortifying the milk with vitamins.


Elimination of pathogens in raw milk will require a vat batch pasteurizers.

They are use to heat the milk for a short duration to make it fit for human consumption.


Most of the equipment used in the dairy industry are designed to meet a purpose. Batch Pasteurizers, Commercial Butter Churns, and stainless steel cheese vats are used for making butter and cheese, respectively. A COP parts washer is used to clean the components of equipment efficiently.

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