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Usage Of Tanks In The Various Stages Of Dairy Processing

Industries, all across the board, need tanks; winery and pharmaceuticals are great examples where tanks are required. Dairy processing also requires the usage of tanks. Specifications of these tanks may differ according to the process they are required for.

Tanks are an integral part of dairy processing machinery, as it is used in various stages of treatment and production. Liquid dairy products like cream, buttermilk or yoghurt can be kept fresh for as long as possible using these tanks. Raw milk tanks, cream processing tanks, whey tanks and yoghurt tanks are the specialized tanks that can be manufactured for holding liquid milk products. They are crucial because they are needed to produce high-quality, safe and fresh products.

Milk tanks, interim tanks, and mixing tanks are some types of tanks that are used prevalently in a milk production plant. These pieces of equipment, today, are fabricated out of stainless steel owing to its tensile strength and other qualities that make it perfect for this purpose.

So, there is a need to specially design the tanks for the right processing. For instance, a stainless milk tank used for storage of raw milk requires insulation, and a tank for storage of yogurt or cream would have to be airtight. Likewise, there may be a need to combine a tank with agitators. Half-pipe tanks are used for cooling the milk. There are tanks to heat up the milk for pasteurization. The crystallization tanks are needed to cool the cream for the manufacturing of butter.

These tanks are generally fabricated on-the-spot because it is difficult to transport them. Depending on the requirement of the plant, different sizes can be manufactured.


Tanks, as we have seen, are indispensable dairy processing machinery. A stainless milk tank used for the storage of raw milk in a plant can ensure that dairy processing goes smoothly.

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