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Using Stainless Steel Cheese Presses in the Cheese Factory

Cheese Presses, paired with cheese molds are designed to drain the whey from the curd. The end results will depend on the cheese mold's shape and size. The pressure to apply, the number of cheese heads, and volume will also vary from one press to another.

Regardless of what specifications you need, it is imperative to look for stainless steel cheese presses, as they can give perfect shape and texture to the cheese blocks. Stainless steel can work wonders in cheese factories because using them can solve several issues encountered with other presses. Here is more information on the benefits of using stainless steel cheese press.

1. High resistance against corrosion

One of the main benefits of using cheese processing equipment made from stainless steel is its corrosion resistance. Due to a high level of malleability and ductility, the cheese presses can withstand mechanical and chemical corrosive factors without succumbing to structural damage. Besides, it is easier to maintain the food safety standards appropriately with no corrosion.

2. Strong and robust material

Stainless steel cheese presses are extremely strong and can apply huge pressure on the cheese blocks. Most of the equipment units can usually accommodate more than two blocks at a time, regardless of the weight. Owing to this reason, stainless steel equipment units are best for enhancing productivity in cheese firms.

3. Can withstand extreme temperature

Be it the stainless steel wash tank or the cheese presses, and these equipment units can withstand extreme temperatures. This will allow you to maintain the texture and shape of the cheese blocks as per the desired requirements. Also, the material won’t release any harmful chemicals that may trigger the oxidation of the dairy product.

4. Easier to clean and maintain over time

Stainless steel equipment units are easier to clean as they resist stain marks, corrosion, and even rusting. Also, the maintenance process is not that hectic, so having them in cheese production firms is much better.

Wrapping up!

All the stainless steel presses used in cheese factories are highly durable. They can withstand wear and tear for a long time without putting the food’s safety at risk. In addition, they can give the perfect shape and texture to the cheese blocks as well. Hence, whether you are looking for a stainless steel wash tank or want stainless steel cheese presses for your organization, Anco Equipment can help you.

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