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A Detailed Insight into COP Parts Washer Components

Cop parts washers find their use in cleaning parts that need dissembling for a thorough cleaning, like pipes and hoses, valves, fittings, food processor equipment units, hardware elements, and more. While COP washers have become popular, it's common for first-time users to get two-minded about this piece of stainless steel equipment. Without having brief knowledge of the components, you won't likely be able to use the entire machine to its full capacity.

Here is more info on different parts of Cop parts washers and the functions they perform to help you use them in a proper manner.


You need to place all different hardware elements, pipes, hoses, fittings, and others into the rectangular-shaped chamber or the tank. One needs tofill it with water until a certain mark differs from the tank size. If water-filled crosses the maximum mark, a warning light will beep. The tank usually comprises stainless steel, as the material can withstand a high amount of hit and won't suffer from structural deformation.

Pipe Racks

After washing all the components thoroughly, you need to drain and dry them properly. Instead of using any other equipment, the cleanout of place parts washer comes with a pipe rack. It sits right above the drain board, having an inverted edge to prevent drained water from mixing into the tank. Most washers have three racks where you can keep pipes, hoses, fittings, and other elements so that water can drain completely.

Jet Manifolds

A jet manifold is a system comprising three or more narrow pipe mouths. Integrated with a backplate, these mouths have narrower diameters. Due to less surface area, water releases at high speed with a streamlined flow. This is why they call the system the jet manifold. It helps clean the components thoroughly without leaving any dirt behind.

Besides these parts, you can also find a motor, pump, drain outlets, and others in a cleanout of place parts washer. While choosing the best product, you must keep all these parts in mind to ensure their extent of performance matches your needs. Buying them from Anco Equipment would be even better.

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