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What makes ANCO's equipment the best?

Not only does Anco Equipment use the best quality material, parts, and accessories we also follow a strict procedure to guarantee all our products will pass any state inspection. Here are a few tests your equipment will undergo before leaving our facility.  

​​Quality Control Procedure: 

  • Visual Inspection-We inspect all welds, parts and accessories for defects then repair or replace if necessary. 

  • Pressure Test-We confirm the jacket (if applicable) can hold 70 PSI and the tank when filled can hold product weight without any buckling or sagging 

  • Radii Test-All curved areas are within the minimum radii required for sanitary cleaning. 

  • Surface Roughness-All our tank's product contact surface must have a minimum finish of Ra32µ.

  • Thermo Study-The product and air/head space temperature is tested and documented on all our batch and process tank design to confirm a uniform temperature throughout the tank. 

  • Material Certification-All stainless steel and plastic material used on our equipment has been documented and verified for food-grade use. 

​Anco Price Guarantee​

​We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best quality at affordable prices. Comparing apples to apples, we guarantee to price match or beat any other product on the market!

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