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Most of our equipment is made to order, manufactured and delivered within 90 days of down payment. When that timeline is not soon enough; due to equipment break-down or production change, you can shop our new and used equipment in stock.

2,000 Lb Dairy Heritage Cheese Vat

This 230 gallon cheese vat is on consignment. Includes the paddles and 2" butterfly valve. See cheese vat specs

 Sale Price: $18,000.00  

450 Gallon (3) Compartment Tank 

On consignment, includes agitation, sanitary fittings and spray balls. 

Sale Price: $15,500.00

12 Valve Bottle Federal Filler

Passed Inspection for Grade A Milk. Located in Scottville MI. Contact seller directly at Kandy Potter at

Sale Price: $15,000.00 OBO

3" Vertical Leak Detection Valve

PMO compliant stainless steel vertical leak-detect valve designed for a cone-bottom batch pasteurizer. Includes: Valve, food-grade gasket, and Petro-lube.

Sale Price: $4,800.00

Curd Cheddaring Mill

This mill is on consignment. 1/2" cut size. Over the vat curd mill on a painted stand and single phase motor.   

Sale Price: $12,000.00  



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